Real Gratification

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Real Gratification

Most of my career has been spent helping people find employment in homes needing domestic workers. While it has always been established as a profit-making business, the greatest gratification comes from filling people’s needs. When you are trying to get established and build a business, the primary concern is to make money; without this goal, any business would be short-lived. Through hard work and perseverance, 25 years later I’m still answering calls to those in need.

However, real “giving” is done without receiving anything in return and the real “gratification” comes from how you feel about it.

Over the years, I created several types of household training manuals for domestic workers. One day a gentleman from Buea, Cameroon approached me requesting information on my training guides for a school that they wanted to develop. My first thought was that is a great opportunity to sell lots of product. Through subsequent communication, I found out why this school was being founded. It was in an effort to end human trafficking – a common outcome for impoverished and uneducated women in Cameroon. This organization founded by a Human Rights Defender and Activist, Clarkson Obasi had a mission to educate and empower these women by training them for a career in housekeeping and childcare. My materials would be the foundation for the curriculum.

It was clear to me that funds were going to be an issue, but what was even more evident was that this was not about “selling product” this was about giving to others truly in need. Soon thereafter, shipments were arranged so that HELP OUT – The Professional Housekeeper facility would be well-equipped with training guides, DVDs, Exams, Powerpoint presentations and training videos.

With all the hard work and years that went into creating and producing these materials with the sole idea of “making money” – I can honestly say that it was all worth it just knowing that I have helped these disadvantaged women.

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