From Clutter to Comfort: How Closet Organization Transforms Your Life

Marta PerroneEstate Management From Clutter to Comfort: How Closet Organization Transforms Your Life

From Clutter to Comfort: How Closet Organization Transforms Your Life

Organization applies to every aspect of your life.

Being organized is important because it helps you achieve success!  Every endeavor requires taking necessary methodical steps in a sequence that allows you to attain the results you want. Let’s break it down in practical terms.

There are steps to make your closet organized. Hang up things properly, fold them correctly, and place them in the right location each time. This way, when you want to find that shirt to match your pants, you can swiftly pull it out.

What do your kitchen drawers look like? Is that peeler constantly lost when you need it? You will always find it if placed back in the right drawer with other types of peelers.  What does your pantry look like?

When you change your sheets, can you locate a freshly, hopefully, ironed set from the linen closet? Or are you shuffling through various sheets to find the ones that belong to your particular bed?

Are your cleaning products neatly positioned in a utility closet so that taking inventory is easy?  If you want to find “anything” in your home, all things need to be where they belong in an orderly fashion.

Organization means streamlining possessions so you don’t end up with too much of the same thing or things that no longer serve a purpose. Digging through dozens of T-shirts to find the one you remember looks best on you is time-consuming.  Go through your entire closet regularly and ensure all items fit you, still look good, and are in the proper condition to throw on at any moment.  Don’t keep anything that you don’t use or need. It’s a complete waste and only adds to the “disorganization”.

Organization also applies to the simple task of getting up in the morning and completing the necessary steps to get out the door.  Precision and follow-through get you to your following location on time.  This means considering the time it takes to complete every aspect of your routine – not forgetting things and ensuring you do everything on time.  This is being organized!

Housekeepers in particular need to be organized.   The best housekeepers know how to begin the day and complete each task from top to bottom. They also know to put everything back where it belongs.

The Guru of Organization Andrew Mellen lives and breathes “organization” as he applies his “Organization Triangle”:  Follow these three steps he put forth, and see what a difference it makes in your life.

  1. One home for everything: 
The key to staying organized is ensuring that each item you own has a place it belongs. When everything has somewhere to go, you’ll know where to find it and where to put it back.
  2. Like with like: 
Grouping similar items helps streamline your belongings. As you declutter, organize your belongings so that similar things stay together. Keys go with keys, tools go with tools, books with books, and so on. It’s easier to find what you need and helps avoid repeat purchases.
  3. Something in, something out:
Once you determine how much you need, and that is up to you, promise yourself that you won’t bring anything new into your space without removing something else. This rule ensures you maintain a balance and prevents clutter from reappearing.

Following these three rules will transform your living environment into a neat, stress-free space.

Getting organized can be challenging. Take baby steps!  Attack one drawer, cabinet, and closet at a time. Write out your steps so that you can check them off your list.

The goal is to get to a place where it all becomes second nature!

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