Household Management Training

Estate Managers learn how to manage household staff, oversee household budgets, manage events for your principals, vet and procure vendor bids and ensure that the estate is running efficiently.

Household Training with Marta Perrone

Learn how to:

Manage Staff

Work collaboratively with staff and vendors to keep properties in perfect condition at all times. Learn how to conduct:

  • Weekly staff meetings
  • Property walk-throughs am/pm
  • Property visits as requested
  • Periodic maintenance training sessions as needed
  • Vendor relations
  • Address any staff maintenance issues.


Home Systems & Property Management

Inventory and Procedures for all Systems and Appliances; Maintenance Calendars; Vendor Assessment; and, Budget Analysis.

  • Appliance Inventory
  • System Operational Procedures
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

Administrative Duties

Lead multiple service delivery processes related to administration and overall management of the property for the principals:

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Inventory Control
  • Plan and Maintain Family Agenda
  • Reservations & Travel Planning
  • Gift & Household Shopping


Entertainment & Event Planning

Work with principals on scheduling, planning and executing events. Interface with household staff & vendors to make preparations:

  • Invitation List – Communications
  • Menu Selection, Event Design
  • Vendor & Staff Management
  • Managing the Event from start to finish


Staff Training – Household Maintenance

Train your staff to clean efficiently and properly using all the right products:

  • Cleaning Procedures – Top to Bottom
  • Cleaning Operations – Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Cleaning Products – Inventory & Usage

Training Photos

Photos of Marta training in various aspects of the Private Service Industry

and graduates of her Professional Housekeeper Charitable Program in Cameroon.