Choosing a Cordless Vacuum

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TINECO Pure One Stick Vacuum

Choosing a Cordless Vacuum

Choosing a cordless vacuum can be daunting.  What is your favorite cordless vacuum?Choosing any vacuum (cordless, upright or canister) is not easy. After 6 months, I’m ready to say, TINECO Pure One is my favorite!   There are many brands out there and they are costly to try.  However, the TINECO has a lot of cool features and is reasonably priced – especially if you can get it on sale.  It is lightweight with a 40 minute charge, low noise and has a cool light to allow me to see dirt better. With a sleek design, it is visually attractive and perfect for a quick run while cleaning the house.  It has a couple of settings giving you the option of a turbo Be sure to have a plug in your laundry room or utility closet so you can place it back on its charging station. 

Yes, I’ve said in the past, Miele is my favorite canister for a deep clean, and that remains to be true. However, I like having a cordless stick vacuum for quick clean-ups. They are also good for stairs and areas where a cord might not reach.  Every home should have two good vacuum, and one of them should be a cordless vacuum. TINECO has not failed me like other stick vacuums.

Cleaning isn’t just something I teach. My dear mother who worked 6 days a week when we first came to this country, gave me a list of chores every Saturday since I was seven years old. You might think this was a bit over the top. But we couldn’t afford a housekeeper back then, and I was it!  Hence, my love for cleaning developed over the years. Training others on how to clean properly with my on-line courses means knowing the best products and vacuums to use.  Yes, I actually love cleaning, and vacuuming is one of my favorite chores. It’s like doing dishes – very therapeutic!

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