About Marta

Marta is an Industry Leader with 30 Years of Experience

Estate Management Expert


Marta Perrone was born in Madrid, Spain, Marta came to this country at age five landing first like many immigrants in New York. She watched her parents work hard from sunup to sundown to follow their American dream. After attending UCLA and majoring in Spanish and Linguistics, Marta decided to fill her own American dream by owning her own business.


For 25 Years Marta owned and managed a staffing agency and became an industry leader. Whether consulting families, lecturing at educational centers for parents, conducting training seminars for nannies and housekeepers, or promoting her books, her passion for the Private Service Industry burns just as bright as it did when she began her career.


Today, Marta consults with high net-worth individuals, celebrities and discerning individuals across the globe.  Her effective home management system uses personalized protocols that ensure every aspect of her clients’ homes are just as they want them. With a trained eye Marta reviews every aspect of each property, whether an estate, castle or yacht, to ensure proper maintenance and that every home system runs efficiently. Marta then trains her clients staff to those new standards so each day they know exactly what is expected and can anticipate their principal’s needs.



Photos of Marta training in various aspects of the Private Service Industry
and graduates of her Professional Housekeeper Charitable Program in Cameroon.

Domestic Disasters

When individuals share space, conflicts arise that can seriously affect relationships. 

Watch how Marta makes a difference in this episode of Domestic Disaster…

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