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Mr. Riedel’s Glassware & Advice

Using the right glassware sets the tone for any table. In ancient times, beverages were about “sharing friendship” and provided in very expensive vessels (mugs, jugs or horns).  While providing sample table setting possibilities to my clients, I make sure the staff understands which glasses are used for each beverage and show them how to position them properly.


Maximillian Riedel, the CEO of Riedel Crystal, the Kufstein, Austrian glassware company founded in 1756 has some thoughts regarding glassware:

*Choose glassware that fits the location where it is being served

*Always pick clear glasses so that you can see the color of the wine.

*You can judge the quality of the wine, vintage and aging by its color

*Certain shapes tend to aid in tasting of particular wines so choose the proper shape for the wine to guide the flow of wine.

*Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc has slightly higher levels of acid  and should be served in glasses with narrow rims and small bowls.

*Chardonnays are more fruit-forward and taste better in glasses with wide rims and bow

*Red wines require a small bowl for Pinot Noirs and lighter reds and a large bowl for Cabernets to allow more room to breathe.

*Sparkling Wines and Champagne are usually in a  “flute shape” and but Mr. Riedel prefers moving to the Riesling glasses  that give you more room to smell the odor of the champagne.

*Water glasses – very traditional, beautiful cut glass or colorful glass – depending on the season.

*Decanters should be fun and interesting. People appreciate and enjoy watching the wine as it pours into their glasses from these various shapes.

A votre sante….


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