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The Professional Housekeeper HELP OUT – Cameroon

Los Angeles, CA- October 7, 2013 – Marta Perrone – The Professional Housekeeper – donates domestic training material to HELP OUT (a human rights non-governmental organization) that aids disadvantaged women in Cameroon teaching the necessary skills and thus be respectfully and gainfully employed.

In a dire effort to end human trafficking, a common outcome for impoverished and uneducated women in Cameroon, Marta Perrone and Help Out set forth to educate women to become skilled in the industry of housekeeping and child care. The Professional Housekeeper Training Facility in Beau, Cameroon has been established with a mission, to educate and empower.

“Our mission is to work to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of disadvantaged girls and women from diverse backgrounds so they are empowered to realize their developmental goals.”

Together with HELP OUT, Marta Perrone believes that educating disadvantaged women and young girls in developing countries will bring an end to illegalities such as human trafficking. These efforts persevere in creating a sustainability that will be passed onwards to generations to come, aiding in not only the personal development of the women but also in the development of the nation as a whole. “It gives me such pleasure to know that my training materials are helping these women learn a skill set that enables them to find legitimate and respectable jobs. The future graduates of the “The Professional Housekeeper” program gives these women hope, confidence and a new lease on life” stated Marta Perrone during an interview.

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