Speaking Engagements & Seminars

Invite Marta to speak. Your audience will be thrilled to learn from her 30 years in the Private Service Industry.

Invite Marta to Speak at your Mom’s Group


New moms are always concerned about how hiring their first nanny and what they need to do prevent potential disasters. Marta will speak about Staffing Needs, Hiring Practices, How to make the right choices, Training your staff, Maintaining Boundaries and many more subjects that will arm them with the right information to make new moms feel more at ease.

Invite Marta to Speak at your Company


Today women more than ever are challenged in being mothers while playing a major role in the labor force. They are sometimes forced to find necessary help without knowing how to navigate the process. Marta will shed light on necessary protocols & guidelines they can establish with their staff so they can go off to work in peace knowing their home is being managed properly.

Invite Marta to Speak to your Staff


Issues arise in all circumstances of the workplace – and household staffs sometimes need training in employee/employer relations; communication skills; boundaries of the workplace; and professional development. (Marta speaks Spanish fluently and can conduct all training in Spanish.)