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Learn everything you need to know to succeed in Household Management with Marta Perrone during her  online training program. This course is ideal for professionals in the private service industry seeking to enhance their household managerial skills and homeowners who want to learn how to manage their households.

You will explore an important aspect of Estate Management by working through interactive Learning Modules. Modules begin with Marta’s live webinar instruction, where she will discuss each topic and answer your questions. You will then study on your own through the online Learning Module, where you will review study guides, watch training videos, complete exercises and read articles from experts. You will finish each module by testing your comprehension in our online assessments.

Training Topics:

  • Household Manager Skills & Experience
  • Hiring & On-boarding Staff
  • Legal Compliance, Payroll & other HR Responsibilities
  • Staff Management Skills
  • Housekeeping Maintenance & Management
  • Event Planning
  • Property Maintenance & Home Systems
  • Vendor Management
  • Household Security & Family Privacy

You will also have access to many helpful forms and other organizational tools that will save you time and help you succeed in your household manager role.

Sign up now, to refine your skills and transform your ability, so that you can launch your career with confidence.

All Students who sign up will receive two – 1 hour calls with Marta Perrone to discuss your goals, and any questions you may have about the course material.

Price: $799


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