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Marta PerroneExecutive Housekeeping
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Executive Housekeeping


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3 month self-managed course study:

Executive Housekeeping Skills

  • Skills & Profile
  • In-depth Room by Room Cleaning, from top to bottom
  • Cleaning Procedures for Specialty Objects/Surfaces
  • Appliance Care
  • Finishing Touches
  • Professional Laundry Skills
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Equipment & Use
  • Advanced Organization (Rooms, Closets, Cabinets/Drawers)


  • Daily Walk-Through
  • Light vs. Deep Cleaning

Cleaning Products

  • Organic vs. Chemical Based
  • Advanced Study of Proper Use

Table Setting & Serving

  • Informal vs Formal

Staff Management

  • Management Skills
  • Leading the Team
  • Successfully Handling Issues

All Students who sign up will have access to monthly free webinars with Marta Perrone and Guest speakers in the Private Service Industry.
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