A New Sheriff in Town – Estate Manager Transition

Marta PerroneEstate Management A New Sheriff in Town – Estate Manager Transition
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A New Sheriff in Town – Estate Manager Transition

Estate Managers are like a new sheriff in town. They are the keepers of the gate ensuring all things function within the gates properly.  They weed out the bad vendors. They protect their principals from all foes while ensuring there are no brawls between the staff.  Overall, they keep the estate running smoothly. However Estate Manager transition can be challenging to staff members who are not as receptive to someone new. This is especially true when the old staff was completely enamored with the last Estate Manager.  Staff needs to feel safe. When anyone new comes into play, employees begin to worry about their jobs.  So what can the new sheriff do to thwart this bad juju away and gain their respect.

First hand, an individual heart-warming meeting with each staff member separately to discuss their job, what issues at the estate they might be having, offering help to solve these issues, and making themselves available anytime would be most effective.  Then the EM should bring the entire staff together for a breakfast meeting (with danish and coffee) to discuss his/her new protocols in the estate manual guidelines and how these will be implemented and requesting suggestions from anyone to help make things run more efficiently.  This gesture gives the staff an opportunity to get close to the new estate manager. The staff will feel respected because their opinion is being requested.

Relationships are all about establishing expectations while showing respect for others and interest in listening to their concerns. Estate Manager transition may be challenging, but these efforts will help ensure a smooth transition.

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