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Make-Up Cleaning Tips

Recently getting my make-up done by Betty Kennedy was such a fun and pleasant experience, I almost wished I could pop over every day. She knows how to make someone look bright and younger without overdoing the amount of make-up.  Here are some of Betty’s tips on how to maintain brushes and make-up clean.


“As a makeup artist it is important to always have clean brushes. I clean my brushes 2 different ways.


1. For an inexpensive fast and safe cleaning before using on another persons face; I use a combination mix of Hydrogen Perioxide and Alcohol in a spray bottle.


Both products will kill bacteria and clean brushes in a safe, effective way. I will spray this onto a baby wipe and then rub the brushes across the baby wipe.  I make sure I do not make them too wet so they can dry fast. If they get too wet, I dry them off with a dry paper towel or regular towel to continue to get makeup out of the brushes. It is also best to clean your mascara brush before putting it back into its tube. This is a great way to clean this as well to avoid bacteria growing inside your mascara tube and causing styes.


2. To really clean all makeup products out of brushes the best and effective way is using dish washing liquid. This breaks down the oil bases from the makeup as it would grease and kills bacteria. It also cleans makeup out of carpet and clothes. Make sure you rinse them really well to get the soap completely out.


3. If you wish you can use your hair moisturizer on your brushes to create softness, then let them dry natural but squeeze them out with a towel making sure bristles are as you bought them.

 Betty Kennedy”>



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