How to Maintain Your Cutting Knifes

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How to Maintain Your Cutting Knifes

No matter how expert of a cook you may be, having a good set of sharp knives helps the preparation go smoothly. Here are some sharp tips to keep your knives from ever becoming dull. 

1.  Hone Regularly – Most knives come with a textured steel rod to keep the edges sharp.  Hold the knife vertically with the tip secure on a stable surface. With your dominant hand, hold the knife horizontally and draw the blade down and toward you across the steel rod from heel to the tip about 4 times per side.

2. Sharpen Yearly – Repair nicks and other mars on a blade’s edge. If it slides right off an onion skin, you know it needs sharpening.  Electric sharpeners tend to strip away too much metal.  Get a handheld tool – Accusharp $14 – Amazon.

3. Cut Properly – Up and down motion of chopping dulls the knife, however, “rocking or sliding” making sure the knife never stays in contact with the cutting board helps preserve the knife.  to minimize damage, avoid acrylic, glass or stone boards – stick to wood or plastic. Also, when scraping food, use the spine and not the blade of the knife.

4. Wash by Hand – A knife can get ruined in the dishwasher. Best to wash in warm soapy water with the blade away from you. If the knife is made of carbon steel, wipe them dry instead of letting them air-dry.

5. Store Properly – Other utensils can nick and ruin knives if you throw them with silverware.  You can sheath them in plastic and store them flat or use a knife block where they can lay horizontally (not vertically) so the blades rest on their sides instead of the cutting edges.

Happy cooking and cutting!

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