Learn How to Iron!

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Learn How to Iron!

Many housekeepers will say, “I hate to iron!!!”. Others will find it therapeutic. As for me, I have always enjoyed it, but now, I LOVE IT!!! Just indulged at Bed Bath & Beyond with my 20% coupon a Rowenta Pressure Pro Iron Steam Station. Wow, I spent all day Sunday catching up on the ironing that would normally take so long. This system irons like a dream. It also serves as a stand up steamer in that the cord is long enough to use on hanging garments. It is designed to use tap water as long as your water system isn’t infused with softeners that use chemicals such as salt. If so, then just use some inexpensive bottled spring water.

For all of you who have hated to iron, please purchase or ask your employers to purchase this product, it will make everyone’s life so much easier.


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