Impeccable – The Beaumont Hotel, Mayfair, London

Marta PerroneHotel Experience Impeccable – The Beaumont Hotel, Mayfair, London
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Impeccable – The Beaumont Hotel, Mayfair, London

The Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair, London is exquisite with impeccable service. This came to no surprise once my colleague, Brian Peele, and I had the opportunity to meet one of its two owners, Sir Jeremy King (the other being Chris Corbin). The hotel is located in a lovely part of London walking distance to designer shops and fine restaurants. Now to describe to you the attention to detail that impressed us the most:


  • As you enter the hotel, the concierge and front desk manager already know your name as you enter the lobby to register. Once you are registered, they don’t just give you keys and point to the elevator, the front desk manager takes you to the room personally.


  • Impressed by the furnishings, beautiful glass paneled sliding doors separating the bathroom from the suite, fine lacquered woods throughout, she first takes us to this magnificent chest of drawers illustrating from top to bottom each level of service. First, the Nespresso and full espresso service. Below it you find the safe that opens up like a box so you can see everything in it (unlike the other typical safes that force you to dig your arm deep inside to grab your belongings, (which usually means taking everything out to get your wallet.) The next drawer is the tea service drawer with beautiful cans of special teas and cups and saucers. She explains how the location of the bar and the waters, milk, sparkling juices and coca-colas are free of charge, except the alcohol.


  • Before leaving as we proceed to go for our wallet, she proceeds to tell us that this is a “no tipping” hotel.


  • The room is just an extension of the lobby – elegant and sophisticated with luscious beds made up of beautiful white percale cotton linens. (I particularly like the breakfast pillow on each set of pillows with a beautiful “B” in the center.) The bathroom is all finished in marble, mirrored shelves, a frosted swinging door to the toilet room and another clear one leading to the shower with fabulous fixtures. The bathtub with the same finishes is so inviting that I had to take a bath tonight just to experience it. A nice touch is the jar with rock sea salts.


  • Now let me get down to the service – the housekeeper comes to offer turn down service without you asking for it. If you don’t want it, she still hands you beautiful glass bottles of water and 2 large dark and milk chocolate bars. And being the housekeeping maven, I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone put all our sundry products (on each side of our sinks) so beautifully organized on a linen towel. The towels are folded and positioned to perfection, all necessities replaced and positioned perfectly with luscious robes refolded and pajamas hung up. We also received a note from the head of housekeeping telling us that if there is anything we need to contact her.


  • Here are a few more examples why this hotel must be experienced. When my colleague by accident dipped his tie in the soup tonight at The American Colony (the main dining room inside the hotel), the headwaiter quickly offered to clean it. By the time we got back in our room, it was there hanging up in the closet clean and steamed. We received a note on the closet letting us know it was returned and a note with more chocolate truffles on the desk offering any other service they may provide us to ensure our stay was pleasurable.


  • Throughout the art deco hotel are individually handpicked photographs of interesting people from all eras in black and white. Each photo telling a story that becomes a conversation piece. The room is well-stocked with interesting hand-picked books throughout and a slew of current magazines that invite you to vow to read more in 2016.


  • The hotel is also very quiet – the configuration of the rooms, and rock solid heavy doors create a sense of peace so that you aren’t hearing any noise from outside the door.


  • The downstairs powder in the lobby is checked every 15 minutes to ensure it is impeccably clean…..something I tell my client’s staff while training them to do with regularity throughout the day.


  • The American Bar and lounge and The Colony Grill dining room with echos of Sardi’s or New York’s Monkey Bar. You are served in all areas by stately professionals dressed in black suits and ties. There is also a private speakeasy bar, The Cub Room, for a more private experience, a Spa, Salon and Gymnasium.


I typically do not like big hotels as boutique hotels  offer a more intimate feeling. The Beaumont with its 50 rooms, 13 studios and 10 suites make you feel as though you are staying in a beautifully decorated home with numerous well-trained staff members who treat you as royalty…..but how could I expect anything less of the Corbin & King duo.

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