Laundry Rooms

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Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are often neglected; yet the housekeeping staff is in and out of the laundry room throughout the day. Here is a list of things that every housekeeper should be doing to keep every aspect of the laundry room in top notch condition:

*Read the machine manuals to fully understand how to use them.

*Sort properly all fabrics and never overload a machine. Separate cleaning rags from kitchen cleaning rags; rugs, towels, sheets and regular clothes.

*Keep lint clean from dryer lint trap after every load and have the dryer vents serviced annually. Depending on the dryer, you may have several lint traps both inside and behind the dryer that need to be cleaned regularly.

*Wipe clean the interior and exterior of both the washer/dryer daily.

.*Weekly, wash out the sealant in the washer with vinegar and throw in washer tablets to keep the washer odor free.  If you want to use a home remedy, then throw in baking soda powder in the drum and run the wash under hot cycle with vinegar.

*Use garment bags for all undergarments, especially socks so that they don’t get lost in the machines.

*Clean the detergent tray of the washer – pull tray out and wash in laundry room sink.  Always use the right amount of type of laundry detergent to support the machine you are using. (HE – High Efficiency washers require HE detergents.)

*Maintain a cup of water in the dry shower drain in laundry rooms to refill the trap and eliminate odors.(Wastewater, any water used within the home that is not consumed, enters a drain system in order to be removed from the home. This wastewater flows through a trap which is a U-shaped pip that holds standing water to prevent sewer gases from entering the home.  If not used for a lengthy period of time, these traps may become dry and sewer odors can enter.)

*Remove excess water from an iron if you don’t plan on using the iron regularly. Ensure the iron is hot and you press out steam onto a rag before placing on garment to be sure the water within the iron is coming out clear.  Use a Rowenta kit to clean your iron regularly.

*Hang up all garments that are best air-dried instead of exposing them to unnecessary heat that can ruin colors and fabrics.

*Check all pockets before throwing garments into washer.

*Never leave clothes in washer (as they will smell and need to be rewashed) or in the dryer as they will wrinkle.

*Leave the washer door open to prevent odors.

*Leave laundry Room sink, counters and floor clean daily.Keep the laundry room sparkling….just as you would a kitchen.

Marta Perrone – Household Maintenance & Management Expert


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