How to Clean Out the Garage

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How to Clean Out the Garage

Garages are mostly for cars, but usually hold everything else that you haven’t decided to throw away. It becomes like a large storage bin that doesn’t cost you a monthly fee. When it becomes too full, the car stays outside.
If a garage accumulates more and more clutter, it becomes an eye soar and a hazard as you trip over things trying to find something that you know has to be there somewhere. Of course, if you have children who are big enough to roam around in the garage, they may become inquisitive and get into things that should be locked away.

Here are some tips to keep the garage in good order:

1) REVIEW: First review what is in there carefully. Take everything out and don’t put it back unless you really need it. The likelihood is that most of it could be sold in a garage sale, given away to Goodwill or simply tossed. Check expiration dates and get rid of products that are getting old.

2) THROW AWAY: For the items that you simply MUST HAVE, purchase bins and store the small stuff so you can stack the bins and save space. Label them so that you always know what is in the bins. Keep an inventory list of what you have and its location.

3) DESIGNATE ZONES: Have zones in the garage that are designated for a) Adults, b) Kids, c) Garden Tools, D) Household Tools, E, Auto Care, F) Cleaning Supplies. Keep dangerous tools, equipment and products up high. Create shelving and store things on higher shelves. Or, install child safety locks on lower cabinets.

4) STORE PROPERLY: If anything says “corrosive,” “flammable” or “poison” on the exterior, make sure you know how to safely dispose of it. If you have toxic items like fertilizer and paint thinner – be sure to store these in locked cabinets. You may also consider obtaining non-toxic alternatives.

5) SECURE CABINETS/SHELVES: Make sure cabinets and standing shelves are securely fastened to the wall. Shelving units and cabinets often come with everything you need to attach them to the wall during assembly, but many people ignore that part of the setup. Hardware stores sell a variety of kits that will help you fasten furniture to walls.

6) REVIEW YOUR ITEMS PERIODICALLY: Chances are that if things have not been touched in several months, they many never be used. Reevaluate what you need and always keep cleaning out and reorganizing the things you need.

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