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Personalized manuals creating the standards and guidelines to run any Estate efficiently.


Creating standards for the home and principals.


Clear job descriptions for each staff member


Weekly Deep/Light Cleaning and Daily Walk-Through

Cleaning Procedures

How to Clean from Top to Bottom

Product Use

Selection of proper cleaning products for specific surfaces

Inventory Lists

Household Supplies, Sundry Items, China, Silver and Crystal

Nanny Guidelines

Specific personalized manual for childcare

Home Systems Operational Manual

System and Appliance Inventory and Description of use

30 Years

of Experience!

Need a properly functioning estate? With Marta’s 30 years in the private service industry she will offer a detailed consultation to understand your needs and assist through the interviewing process to secure the right staff for your estate.
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Housekeeping Maintenance Manuals

Personalized manuals that help run your estate efficiently. Cleaning procedures, schedules, protocols, standards, best cleaning products and more.

Home System Manuals

Create a home systems operational manual to help organize and effectively run your estate. A/V operations, appliance inventory, budgets, vendor directories, maintenance logs and more.

Estate Manager Training

Estate Managers learn to manage how to hire and manage staff, create property maintenance logs, vet and procure vendor relations, oversee events and create an efficiently running a home.